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Vietnam Backpack Travel Guide – A person can eat so very well in the Vietnamese city of Hue. Located in the center of the long, narrow country, between the Perfume River and the South China Sea, it served as the country’s capital until 1945, and is still known as the Imperial City. Hue was also the site of some of the most destructive and mind-changing battles of the Vietnam War (known locally as the American War). With such a rich history, the city claims several distinctive dishes — from small and delicate creations originally created to please the appetites of Nguyen feudal lords, emperors (and their hundreds of wives) — to lusty, fiery street-level soups and sausages with complex, explosion and satisfying flavors.

ẩm thực huế
Ảnh – Sticky rice

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Hue Cuisine

hương vị món ăn xứ huế
Các món ăn tại Huế được chế biến rất cầu kỳ (Ảnh – amthuchue)

Royal cuisine

In the palace, the organization of dishes in each meal becomes nutritious dishes; just treatment is the responsibility of Thai Y vien. Gia Long King recognized as the king had the most casual dining. He had never drunk wine; the meals also had a little meat, fish, rice, vegetable and fruit. When the king enjoys the meal, nobody can sit with. Some dishes are applied to Hue songs such as: nem cong, thau tho, xoi vo, nham bo, trung gal on, khum let, xao luon, bo so trau, chien cua gach, ham cau, cao lau, kho tau, thit quay, chao hai sam… Hue also has “An Cuu rice” for King. In addition to the dishes cooking from raw materials in market, some specialties paid tribute. In the North, there has Logan from Hung Yen.

Traditional cuisine

Hue traditional cuisine and Hue royal cuisine has similarities because the royal chefs also came from the folk. Besides the general characteristics of the Vietnamese cuisine, Hue cuisine brings different characteristics. Firstly, each meal includes fish, meat, vegetables… Second, it has art; the tray is always arranged carefully and coordinated the color of dishes in order to appeal customers. Thirdly, it has collective, all dishes are all presented in the tray. Fourthly, is has delicate and delicious, even vegetarian dishes and so as to attract guests, the Hue often named dishes with exuberant names.

Đến Huế nhớ thưởng thức đồ ăn chay nhé (Ảnh – Internet)


Hue has about 108 temples and more than 300 Buddha recitation, the Hue is mainly Buddhist. They often have vegetarian diet. Hue is the ancient capital, annual year; the kings often have vegetarian diet so that the processing vegetarian must delicate. These are the reasons why Hue vegetarian has developed and preserved until now. The dishes are made with raw materials such as: rice, cassava, sweet potato and some kinds of vegetables.

Com Hen

cơm  hến ngon ở huế
Cơm Hến (Ảnh – Thảo Hoàng)

Components to make Com hen is not simple, it includes a dozen kinds of spices. Everything is harmony; it is just spicy, fleshy, and sweet by water. In Hue, “hen” is not as big as other one but the broth is very charming. A delicious bowl of Com hen is indispensable chili. The Hue eats every dish with chili. They said that this hobby complies with the balance of yin and yang. Weather in Hue is cold; the annual rainfall is large so that people have to eat more chili to bitter cold.

Com hen has in the whole Hue city; however, connoisseurs would know Com hen that is the most delicious is in Vi Da village. Vi Da village is far about 1 kilometer from ancient palace to the southeast. Here, com hen went into poet of Han Mac Tu “day thon Vi Da”. In Vi Da, if you want to enjoy delicious com hen, you should come to “con Hen” – an small “oasis” in the middle of Vi Da. Coming to Hue, if you rows boat from Dong Ba market, it will enjoy interesting feeling. However, com hen is royal specialty, it is very cheap. People here usually have breakfast with Com hen. Com hen is always in the minds of people of Hue or people who have lived in Hue. The foreign guests such as Australian, American, especially Japanese and Korean appreciates that Com hen is very delicious and special.

Bun Bo Hue

Bún bò giò heo ở Huế (Ảnh – Cathy Danh)

Bun bo Hue (Hue style beef vermicelli) or more detail, Bun Bo Gio Heo (beef and pig’s knuckle vermicelli) is a popular Vietnamese soup vermicelli dish, and one of the most typical foods of Hue, Vietnam. Fine combination of ingredients make the food famous; the broth is prepared by simmering beef and bones for a long period of time, after that a large range of different spices containing lemon grass and chili are added in. Shrimp paste holds no less importance. Hue people usually add thin slices of beef shank, chunks of boiled oxtail, and pig’s knuckles or pork into the bowl. It can also contain cubes of maroon brown congealed pig blood, which are good for those suffering from high blood pressure. The specialty is commonly served with a plenty of herbs like sprouts, lime wedges, cilantro sprigs, onions, and sliced banana blossom. Thinly sliced purple cabbage or iceberg lettuces are used in case of lacking in banana blossom. It is highly recommended for tourists to add a few of shrimp paste directly into the soup.

Ảnh – stevez

Bun bo originated in Hue, a former capital of Vietnam. Outside the city of Hue and some parts of Central Vietnam, it is called bún bò Huế to denote its origin. Within Huế and surrounding cities, it is known simply as bún bò. The broth is prepared by simmering beef bones and beef shank with lemongrass and then seasoned with fermented shrimp sauce and sugar for taste. Very spicy chili oil is added later during the cooking process.

Gánh bún sáng (Ảnh – Lão Cáo Già)

Bun bo usually includes thin slices of marinated and boiled beef shank, chunks of oxtail, and pig’s knuckles. It can also include cubes of congealed pig blood, which has a color between dark brown and maroon, and a texture resembling firm tofu.

Bun bo is commonly served with lime wedges, cilantro sprigs, diced green onions, raw sliced onions, chili sauce, thinly sliced banana blossom, red cabbage, mint, basil, perilla, persicaria odorata or Vietnamese coriander (rau ram), saw tooth herb and sometimes mung bean sprouts. Thinly sliced purple cabbage is acceptable substitute when banana blossoms are not available. Purple cabbage most resembles banana blossom in texture, though not in taste. Fish sauce and shrimp sauce is added to the soup according to taste.

If you want to enjoy a delicious Bun Bo Hue, you should go to Nguyen Du – Chi Lang crossroads. Some restaurant for your reference : Bun Bo O Lieu, Bun bo Mu Rot, Bun bo Ba Phung

Banh Beo

The Hue likes the traditional cake on snack. “banh beo” is made simply: powdered rice soak into water for several minutes to have liquid. Then, mix with a little grease and pour into small cups. Enjoying “banh beo” properly is in each small cup, not in the bowl or plate as some restaurant, hotels.

Bánh bèo Huế (Ảnh – Chris Tran)

The delicious “banh beo” is thanks to the shrimp, especially the sauce. Firstly, “nuoc mam” mixes with grease, sugar, garlic, chilli and shrimp which create the unique flavor. When eating “banh beo”, people not use chopsticks but small bamboo stick. It is great when using it with spicy sauce. The sweetness of shrimp mixed with the flavor of garlic, chilli… gives us unforgettable impressions.

Best Banh Beo restaurant in Hue

Bánh bèo Bà Cư
Add : 107 Nguyen Hue, Hue city
Contact : 054 3832895

Bánh bèo Nậm Lọc Bà Đỏ
Add: 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue city
Contact : 054 3541182

Banh Bot Loc

Bánh bột lọc (Ảnh – Internet)

Shrimp and Pork Dumplings (Banh Bot Loc) is one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. It came from Hue city. However, it becomes more popular now. This cake is covered in banana leaves. It stuffing is shrimps and braised pork. Using with chili sauce will bring a stunning flavor in your mouth. Do not miss this dish when you have a chance to visit my country, especially in Hue City.

Banh bot loc is made of clear rice flour batter in a small flattish tube shape. Inside are shrimps and ground pork. Everything is wrapped and cooked in a banana leaves, served with fish sauce mixed with fresh chilies. It is the transparent outer layer revealing the red-colored shrimp inside that makes it look so beautiful and appetizing.

Best Banh Bot Loc restaurant in Hue

Quán số 1 Hàng Me
Add : No 12 & No 45 Vo Thi Sau, Hue city
Contact: 054 3837341 – 0905 190680

Banh Nam

Bánh Nậm (Ảnh – oliver rockwell)

Banh Nam are flat and rectangular rice cakes embedded with minced shrimp and scallions and steamed in banana leaves. The outer leaf wrapper serves as a makeshift plate while eating the cake, which dramatically cuts down on the number of dishes to wash! A few squirts of salty fish sauce, usually found tableside, offset the cake’s mildness.

Bánh Ram ít

Bánh Ram Ít (Ảnh – violetgirl1984)

Banh ram it is a crispy piece of deep fried rice, on top of which is heaped a fat slab of steamed rice with cooked shrimp inside. Scattered all over these are shavings of freshly cooked shrimp. The combination of textures is amazing, and the shrimp gives a lot of flavor. Add nuoc mam (fish sauce) to the dish and you’ll blush at how much pleasure this gives you.

Bánh Ram Ít (Ảnh – Tran Huu Cao)

Banh Ram It is another kind of Hue dumpling. This cake is the combination of the white glutinous rice flour balls, the green fried onions and the yellow fried shrimp, which extremely catches the eyes of foodies.

Vegetarian Food

Đến Huế nhớ thưởng thức các món chay nhé (Ảnh – Thái Lạc Lam)

Undoubtedly, Hue has a strong tradition of vegetarianism in Vietnam, with many of its residents eating vegetarian food twice a month (the 1st and 15th day of lunar calendar). This place always has about 30-50 vegetarian dishes available for tourists.

The distinction of Hue vegetarian food comes from strange taste of delicacies such as pork roll, cinnamon ham, chicken thigh, fried fish, roast pork… made from tubers, fruits, legumes, vegetable oil ready to serve tourists.

For example, pork roll is made from ground banana with spices, flour. After that, the batter is mixed with hashed pomegranate and wrapped in banana leaves to steam. Cinnamon ham is made from beans, fried ribs are processed from sweet potatoes, green bean; ram spring is the combination of mushroom , crystal noodle, rice paper…

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Hue

Tịnh Tâm restaurant
Add 1: 27 Tinh Tam, Hue city
Contact : 054 3522805
Add 2: 32 Hung Vuong, Hue city
Contact : 054 3848620
Add 3: 4 Chu Van An, Hue city
Contact : 054 3821111Quan chay Lien Hoa
Add: 9 Le Quy Don, Hue city
Contact: 054 3812456Thiện Tân restaurant
Add : 110A Le Ngo Cat, Hue city
Contact : 054 3898220Bồ Đề restaurant
Add: 11 Le Loi, Hue city
Contact: 054 3825959

Thiên Phú restaurant
Add : 302 Phan Chu Trinh, Hue city
Contact: 054 3845112

Banh Canh Nam Pho

Bánh canh  (Ảnh – Thu T. Tran)

Traditional noodle soup is a kind of rice spaghetti cooked with shrimp, crab or meat. In Vietnamese it is called “Banh Canh”.It is one of Hue’s famous dishes thanks to its naturally tasty and delicious flavor of shrimps.

Bánh canh Nam Phổ dễ dàng tìm thấy ở Huế (Ảnh – Internet)

A savory bowl of Banh Canh must meet these following demands such as moderately tongue noodle, clear broth, tough pork pies and fresh shrimp. It would taste best when accompanied with pepper, salt, lemon, fried fresh chilli sauce, and spring onion.

Best places to eat Banh Canh in Hue

Bánh canh mệ Sau
Add :  Dinh Market, Phu Hau commune, Hue city

Quán O Thu
Add : 374 Chi Lang, Hue city

Bánh Canh Bà Đợi
Add : 40 Dao Duy Anh, Hue city
Contact : 054 3527420

Banh uot thit nuong

Bánh ướt thịt nướng Huế (Ảnh – Pham Van Lien)

Bánh ướt thịt nướng (wet rice paper with grilled pork) will not make you lose your appetite for dinner but it happens to become a palate-teasing appetizer. The only restaurant which serves the best Bánh Ướt Thịt Nướng and Bún Thịt Nướng (vermicelli with grilled pork) in Huế is Huyền Anh restaurant in Kim Long District. Don’t forget to check it out after a visit from the renowned Linh Mụ Pagoda or Temple of Literature.

Place to eat Banh uot thit nuong in Hue

Huyền Anh Restaurant
Add : 52/4 Kim Long, Hue city
Contact : 054 3833260

Bánh Khoái Thượng Tứ

Bánh khoái Thượng Tứ (Ảnh – Thùy Cốm)

The cake is made from good rice mixed with water into a liquid mixture, add some salt, eggs and then stir them. The delicious cake depends on how we mix flour. According to ancient people, this cake has original name “banh khoi” because it is made on the wood stove. Therefore, people named “banh khoi”. However, someone miss-spell “khoi” into “khoai” so that it is gradually called “khoai”. A few others have explained that it is the favorite dish of many people so it is called “banh khoai”.

According to the Hue, so as to make “banh khoai” should focus on two key elements: flour formulations and fire formulations. Obtaining two elements, the cake will taste better. The Hue is very fussy whether it’s snack or main dish. When fried “banh khoai”, people need to take care the heat of fire and time to pour enough cake. In order to have yellow cakes, more nutrients, people often use egg yolk before pouring flour. If “banh xeo” of the Southern people is often use with lettuce, rau thom, “banh khoai” of the Hue has different taste in bananas, khe, papaya and pickled carrot. “banh khoai” Hue is more delicious due to a cup of sauce. The sauce is made from pig liver, chopped meat together with Hue’s soy. A cup of sauce usually has yellow-brown color and fleshy flavor of peanuts. The Hue is fussy so that Hue cuisine have multi-flavor. Just only a simple “banh khoai” but it reflects dining style and cuisine style of the Hue. Although it is simple dish, “banh khoai” is one of the delicious royal dishes. Over many years, there have many changes but “banh khoai” still attracts people and widely spread as a specialty with many unique differences.

Best place to eat Banh Khoai in Hue

Lạc Thiện
Add : 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue city
Contact : (054) 3527348

Che Hue

Chè bột lọc bọc heo quay, một món chè lạ bạn nên thử khi tới Huế (Ảnh – hiepsimeo1987)

Hue is the unique city rich in history, culture, architecture, art and cuisine. Among many desserts, Che (sweet soup) is famous with 36 kinds including both royal and folk. Each type has it own taste. With skillful hands of Hue women many delicious, nutrient Che was made.

Các gánh chè có thể thấy ở khắp nơi tại Huế (Ảnh – // tiffelie)

We can list some name of Che cung dinh (royal sweet soup) as: Che hat sen (lotus seed), Che nhan boc hat sen (longan stuffed lotus seed), Che bot loc boc thit quay (cassava flour stuffed roasted pork), Che mon sap vang (made from a variety of taro)…

Ảnh – binhhukr

And some popular folk Che such as: Che bap (corn), Che troi nuoc (sticky rice cake and green pea paste), Che khoai so (taro), Che dau ngu (kidney beans sweet soup), Che dau xanh (mungs bean), Che dau do (red bean)…. Cooking Che is not difficult. All you do is boiling water, adding beans or peas in and then adding some sugar. However, making it good is another thing. In Hue, there are about some Che stalls that quite famous: Miss Ton Dich in front of Thuong Bac Pavilion, Che Hem in a small lane on Hung Vuong street.

Chè bắp (Ảnh – Internet)

Che normally serves in small bowls, glasses, or transparent plastic bags for take-away. Che Hue is very cheap, just few thousands Vietnam dong, you’ve got a delicious cup of it. Che is also part of the culture of Hue, if each evening tasting several type, you have stay in Hue a week to enjoy all of Che Hue.

Me Xung

Ai đến Huế cũng mua chút mè xửng về làm quà (Ảnh – Internet)

Me Xung is a Vietnamese sesame and peanut recipe. Children absolutely adore this chewy and nutty candy. Some people recommend that you enjoy it with a piping hot cup of tea of coffee. It is a famous nougat within Vietnam that comes from the Vietnamese old capital.Me Xung is the perfect candy. It has a nice sugary-sweet taste, but it doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds. The main texture is soft and chewy, though the nuts create a perfect blend of hardness.

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