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Vietnam Backpack Travel Guide – Here is the full list of bus routes from Ha Noi to Hoa Binh. Please call them directly (phone number provided in the list already) to have precise and most updated information. Apart from these buses, you can travel to Hoa Binh by sitting on buses from Ha Noi to Son La, Ha Noi to Dien Bien and get off at Hoa Binh

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh (Photo - Nostalgie18)


Tuan Dung

  • Route: Mai Chau - Phu Cuong - Cho Lo - Hoa Binh bus station - Luong Son - Xuan Mai - Yen Nghia - My Dinh
  • Schedule: Mai Chau 8h00 My Dinh 14h00
  • Address: Updating
  • Contact: 0978 833338


  • Route: Yen Thuy - Nho Quan - Me - Gian Khau - Phu Ly - Phu Xuyen - Do Xa - Thuong Tin - Giap Bat
  • Schedule: Yen Thuy 5h30 Giap Bat 13h10
  • Address: Updating
  • Contact: 0218 3864189 - 0989 345116 - 0984 471117


  • Route: Mai Chau - My Dinh
  • Schedule: Mai Chau 8h45 My Dinh 14h30
  • Address: Updating
  • Contact: 0218 3868291 - 0914 688533


  • Route: My Dinh - Hoa Binh
  • Schedule: From 5AM to 7h45PM
  • Address: Updating
  • Contact: 01649 547 678

tien dat

  • Route: Pho Re - Yen Thuy - Nho Quan - Giap Bat
  • Schedule: Cho Re 6h50 Giap Bat 15h
  • Address: Updating
  • Contact: 0912 506765 - 0987 621066

Local buses in Hoa Binh

Bus No: 01
Route: Hoa Binh city - National Road No 6 - Doc Cun - Cao Phong - Tan Lac - Lac Son

Buses from Sai Gon and The South Hoa Binh

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