Sapa Traditional festival

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Vietnam Backpack Travel Guide – For those who are deeply interested in cultural and spiritual events, choosing Sapa and taking part in Vietnam festivals will be one of the best ways to enjoy.

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Nao Cong festival

Du khách thích thú với lễ hội Nào Cống ở Tả Van

Before the 1950s, Ta Van had a three-compartment temple which is located by the suspension bridge across to Ta Van Giay village. This temple has become the place for celebrating the Nao Cong Festival of people in Muong Hoa Valley. Annually, in June of lunar calendar (often the date represents the dragon), ethnic groups of the H’mong, Dao, Giay in Muong Hoa gather together to the Temple to join in the Nao Cong Festival. Each family assigns a representative, can be man, woman of young or old age to take part in the festival. The festival consists of three main parts: the god worship ritual, announcement of general regulations of the regions and the last one is dining party.

Tet Nhay festival

Điệu nhảy dâng gà của người Dao đỏ

Tet nhay Festival is an important one of the Dao group in Ta Van which is prepared carefully. Before the festival, male youth revise their dancing skill while the female ones embroider new clothes. This festival often takes place at the houses of the village’s leader. All members in this extended family gather at the leader’s house to help prepare for the holiday.

Tốp thanh niên Dao đỏ nhảy theo sự hướng dẫn của thầy cả

Tet nhay Festival is the combination of various traditional popular forms of arts including dancing and singing. The lyric of the songs tend to mention the historical story of the family and the merit of their ancestors. Besides, there are many kinds of pictures for worship, wood sculpture works, etc which represent the traditional values of native people.

Trai gái hát giao duyên trong ngày Tết

Nhan Song and Nao Song Festival in Giang Ta Chai

This is the festival of the Red Dao ethnic group in Giang Ta Chai (Ta Van – Sapa). Formerly, on good days of the first lunar month every year, the Red Dao people will carry out the Nhan Song Festival in the forbidden forest of the Village to pray for favorable weather condition. However, from the beginning of the 1950s, due to the population growth leading to the increase of deforestation, the Dao people only carry out the festival in the years when the forest is destroyed much. The offering in the festival is a pig (small or big depending on the number of people participating in the festival). This pig is in turn raised by each household in the village.

The place of this festival is the forbidden forest – where people worship the God of Land (he is supposed to stay in a big tree or rock in the forest). After the master of the ceremony carry out the ritual and read the regulation, villagers have the right to discuss and talk to each other

Roong Pooc Festival Of The Giay Ethnic Group

The Roong Pooc Festival is organized in Muong Hoa Valley in Tan Van Commune, about 10km away from Sa Pa Town. From early morning thousands of people, including the Mong ethnic people from Hau Thao in Lao Chai, the Dao from Ho and Phung Hamlets and tourists from Sa Pa Town cheerfully flock to the festival.

The festival takes place in a rather flat field at the end of the hamlet. To symbolize affluence, a village elderly places a plate of boiled eggs, which has been dyed red, a plate of silver jewellery and a plate of red steam sticky rice, while an unmarried girl places a Con (shuttlecock) on the altar to offer to the deities, thereby assuring a good harvest. The wizard wearing a buttoned long dress burns incense joss-sticks and says prayers in his ethnic language telling the gods that all villagers are going to the field. He invites the village’s saint to attend the festival and bless the villagers with serenity and prosperity. When the worshipping ceremony finishes, drums, gongs and Pi le clarinets are played to announce the beginning of the games.

Từ nhiều năm nay, đây được coi là lễ hội chung của cả thung lũng Mường Hoa

A Con tree is erected at the centre of the festival place. It is a high apricot tree with a circle on its top. The circle is covered with red paper on one side to symbolize the sun, and with yellow paper on the other side to symbolize the moon. The Giay ethnic people believe that those who are selected to erect the tree with a sun circle which is also called Con pole will be wealthy and lucky.

The game activities start with the Con-throwing. The elderly participants are pided into two groups of men and women. Each group takes three shuttlecocks and both groups throw the shuttlecocks together three times to start the game. After that other villagers will join in the game. The players try to throw the shuttlecocks to pierce the paper on the circle, believing that it signals a year of good harvests.

The tug-of-war game also starts with a ritual practice. A group of men standing on the east side holds the root end of a rattan rope while a group of women standing in the west side holds the other end of the rope. Rolls of drums and clarinets resound. The men’s group (symbolizing the sun) is always the winner and the women’s group (symbolizing the moon) pretends to be the loser. This means the whole village will have good harvests throughout the year. After the ritual young men and women participate in the game. Foreign visitors can join the activities.

Sau khi chuẩn bị các lễ vật xong thầy cúng khấn cúng, đọc tên các lễ vật và xin vị thần bản phù hộ cho dân bản một mùa bội thu, gia súc đầy chuồng, làm được của ăn của để.

Boys and girls like to seek calm places to court via performance of Dan moi (Jew’s harp), panpipe and singing. When the festival finishes, the village elderly hold a ceremony for praying and removing the Con pole. After that two robust young men controlled two strong and fat buffaloes to plough five lines in the field, signalizing the start of a new crop.

Gau Tao Festival of the H’mong in Sapa

Hội thi múa khèn của các nghệ nhân người Mông cũng được tổ chức trong lễ hội Gầu Tào

Gau Tao is an important festival of the H’mong to ask for happiness or longevity. If a family in the group has no children or has all children of either males or females, then the master of that household may ask the wizard to celebrate the Gau Tao festival- this is to ask for happiness. If another family whose members are always ill, the children are not living well or the crops often fail, etc. may also ask the wizard to hold the Gau Tao festival – this is to ask for luck for health and longevity.

Xen lẫn trong lễ hội là rất nhiều các tiết mục vui chơi
… cũng như các hoạt động văn nghệ
Thi leo cột mỡ
Thi đẩy gậy
múc nước bằng tay
Bịt mắt bắt dê
Trò chơi đi thăng bằng

In Sapa, the festival tends to take place on the first day, January of lunar year. In Muong Khuong, the festival opens on the third of the first lunar month. After the wizard perform the opening worship, everybody will then participate in games and competitions.

New rice Festival of the Giay

Giay people have a lot of holidays, most months of the year are also 1 day festival. New Rice Festival – “blunt greedy groping” is one of those holidays typically associated with the life and activity of the cells produced.

“Queen Mother blunt” no fixed date, depending on the seasonal characteristics of each region that the festival is held in different times. In areas where crop farming lua 1 (Ta Van – Sapa) new rice festival held in August; also in the area of rice cultivation ethnic food festival 2 seasons between mid-September to October right time for harvest season is complete. With no day festival this month to determine what they choose to get one good day and then they together with the rice harvesting cotton trim heavy grain rice cereal to make. The concept Giay beautiful day for the festival is: “PET blunt blow, thrut blunt instrument” means “food festival in August on the chicken, in September on dog food festival”. At the same time experienced by older people in the village: there are so many stars in the sky, whenever the stars grow as much as 1 star river and this river into one long strip scanner connects through the roof, then ‘ll be eating cereal.

New rice food festival day people make rim offerings with many food items such as chicken, duck, pork … especially to have cereal with cereal food made ​​from the rich rich. Cereal is made from glutinous rice premature convergence when both milk and milk marquise just special. Delicious new cereal grain, plastic, pineapple and green leaf. After the rice is harvested from the cotton plucking and carried away all floaters treatment; then take away roast, medium roast maturity when grain was brought out into 1 1 flutes made ​​from tree trunks are hollowed wood to a length of about 1.5 – 2m. Wait marquise cold start pounding them with a pestle to high too early, Giay people have the “pounding rice, the sick, the healthy cereal retire”; of course they say so colorful because nuggets are happy to retire, when to retire each month with 5-6 people, men and women pided into two sides talking trough has retired, happily frolicking. When the shell exploded their husks carried away by the miscarriage meters jar were then resumed pounding while pounding attention to continuous cereal to cereal island not stick together. Goodbye stage, jar, sifting continued until the husk does not stick to cereal grains anymore, they are considered complete. Today, in order to quickly cooled after roasting grain often people go through to the end milling rice husk and then brought back pounding until flat grain and cereal grain. This approach TIU fast but the quality is not as good nuggets pounding cereal directly.

After the nuggets, the first cereal grain to be regarded as libelous offerings for their ancestors rise, as the first fruits of a new one season. Offerings and offer not only the nuggets, but also chicken, duck, pork, wine, gold, … The practice of Giay people on new rice food festival, people will use the morning nuggets “voracious coal “light tea rose huongwcungf ancestors, new upcoming afternoon offerings include sticky rice sticky nuggets blending with the old, fat meat, 1 few small pebbles washed. The significance of this dish was the old welcome new ones, new ones continue old ones, new pillows on old crop grain food and never ceases to year will not hunger; false grain, such as pebbles, heavy, sticky rice, the food does not go away forever (because fat is eaten with meat flung bored); to select the pieces of pork fat, chicken surgical castration – “plow ton”, duck fat to cut out of plate presentation and wine offerings. When all the incense ancestors professed invited to dinner at the new fire, to bless all the peace, following the season. In this day, people from cereal processing are also lots of delicious food such as roasted cereal puffs – “greedy roasted deck” nuggets lightly boiling water, sticky cereal with peanuts or chopped bacon and green onions, bread crumb pressed sugar, … very fragrant. New rice Festival takes place in one day and ended up with enough frozen meals for members and cousins ​​in the fia, they both said the same eating fun.

For the second, the new rice festival is an opportunity for the children to thank their ancestors, ancestors offered up the first fruits of the harvest door; So it was not the day they thank seasons, but the most significant is the day that people get a break, have fun enjoying the fruits of their labor after the first one hard season. At Ta Van – Sapa along with the development of community-based tourism activities of Giay people, new rice festival has been raised to become a festival of the nuggets so excited, this annual festival attracts a lot of tourists to visit, study and worship fellow

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