Sapa travel guide

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Vietnam Backpack Travel Guide – Located at 1500 meters (4921 feet) above sea level in Vietnam’s remote northwest mountains, Sapa is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural persity. Sapa is an incredibly picturesque town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam, known as “the Tonkinese Alps”. Sapa and its surrounding region is host to many hill tribes, as well as rice terraces, lush vegetation, and Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam. However, as a result of a recent surge in popularity Sapa has rapidly become a tourist hotspot where money is the new drug of choice. Don’t be put off by the rush, your explorations of the surrounding countryside will be worth the trouble.

Thi tran Sapa (Anh – Siva Vasanth)

©Ban quyen hinh anh : Trong bai viet co su dung mot so hinh anh duoc tim kiem thong qua cong cu Google Image cua cac tac gia Siva Vasanth, NQA – OngBom, Josephine Huong Giang, Tariq Sawyer, Trung Rom, Emad Aljumah, Hai Che, SQ Mah, break_away, Xversion1, koenigtiger06, Eric Lafforgue, HuyNguyen84, josiah leung, dscans, Son Tran Hoang, dovietcuong81, thuydung_ccic, darren wilch, O.Connell, FridayStudio, Gary McGovern va cua mot so tac gia chua ro ten nham minh hoa ro hon cho noi dung bai viet. Ban quyen nhung hinh anh nay thuoc ve tac gia. Chinh sach cua Cung Phuot ve ban quyen hinh anh cac ban co the theo doi tai day.

Best time to visit Sapa

Mua lua chin o Sapa vao thang 9 hang nam (Anh – NQA – OngBom)

At these times, the weather is relatively stable with sunny days and cool nights. The first period is the fall time. At this time of the year, the weather is very comfortable for tourism. It is dry, clear with much sunshine. The view of Sapa’s terraces is at its best between September and October. The cool and dry weather with the stable temperature makes it the perfect time for trekking and photos.

In the summer, although the weather is quite warm, it is not as hot as other regions in Vietnam. If you spend time in this town in the period between April and May, you will have the chance to see the wonderful scenes of many colorful flowers and green fields there. Many Vietnamese visit Sapa after the Lunar New Year to admire the blossoming cherry trees.

In the winter, from December to February, the weather in Sapa becomes very cold, especially at night. However, in return, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise over the valley in the morning. In recent years, there is snow in Sapa. If you have chance to travel to this picturesque town on this occasion, you will definitely see quite a romance scene. However, this is the reason why Sapa is always crowded at this time of the year.

Tuyet roi tai Sa Pa mua dong 2013 (Anh – Josephine Huong Giang)
Mua dong Sapa cung kha giong mua dong Chau Au day chu (Anh – Josephine Huong Giang)

Getting to Sapa from Hanoi

Mot goc pho Cau May (Anh – Internet)

By train

From Hanoi it is a 9-hour train journey to Sapa.

Vietnam Rail operates some of the cars, but other cars in the train are operated by private companies (Tulico, Ratraco, Fansipan, Orient Express, Friendly and Victoria Hotels, and many others). Some of these cars are significantly nicer than the standard cars. They cost approximately US$45 (July 2013) for a soft sleeper berth. You may need to arrange with a travel agency to get tickets on these tourist cars, but any traveller can purchase tickets for the VNR cars at the Hanoi train station. Warning: several of these cars are not significantly better than standard Vietnamese sleeping cars though, and still substantially more expensive. Pumpkin second class is actually a VNR car booked via this company. Even Pumpkin first class only has a squat toilet (although a sign above the toilet door says: “western style toilet”!).

Trains between Hanoi and Lao Cai are designated by SE-single-digit-suffix. SE-1 and SE-3 are from Hanoi to Lao Cai while SE-2 and SE-4 are back. Each car belongs to each company, joined by single dragging engine head. So whether you book Tulico or OE or else, you depart and arrive at the same time as the other.

Cheaper tickets, especially in hard sleeper class, can be hard to come by at times, as tour companies and travel agents will snap up these to first on their own customers (too frequently a promised soft sleeper berth will turn into a hard sleeper when it comes time to board). To avoid rip offs better go to the train station by yourself and get the ticket from the ticket office. This is the only way to make sure that you will get what you have paid for. Travel Agencies in Vietnam are known for their bad business practice. Although one cannot be assured of finding a place, it is often possible to arrive at the station a short while before boarding time, as there are usually young men hanging around trying to hawk unfilled berths at the last minute. The price of these tickets will fall dramatically as departure time draws near.

Prices vary according to both the type of seat purchased and the season during which you are travelling. The times around Vietnamese holidays are particularly expensive and tickets cannot be assumed available for same day travel, so book ahead if possible. Travellers are highly recommended to purchase a berth in a soft or hard sleeper car, though the trip in soft seat class is not intolerable. For a bed, expect to pay in the area of 430,000-525,000 dong (one-way). For a soft seat, expect to pay 220,000 dong for one-way (May 2012). There is usually a dining car serving good, surprisingly affordable noodles (10,000 dong) and rice porridge (10,000 dong), but it’s always wise to bring your own snacks and drinks as well.

If you are backpacker, buy instant noodle cup ($1) with you. There’s free hot (boiling!) and cold water at the entrance gate of each car. Left value is usally hot, right cold. “BEWARE” if you are first user. On the hot value, the cold water will come for 20-30 seconds before the boiling flows out and cooks your hand!

If you have very rigid travel dates, are travelling on a public holiday, or can’t be bothered to head down to the train station before your train you can book tickets online before you come to Vietnam. Tickets to LaoCai/Sapa can be booked at the fansipan website[1]. booking tickets online usually costs up to 25% extra, but they will pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi for free.

NOTE: If you have a prebooked ticket from Lao Cai to Hanoi with Fansipan, you have to pick up your ticket from the small and hard to find Fansipan travel office. To find the office stand directly in front of the Lao Cai station, then head directly left. You should see a small sign just past the end of the station building.

The train ends at Lao Cai. From there, dozens of shuttle buses will be waiting outside the station to take you the remaining distance to Sapa, usually at a ‘fixed’ rate of 50-60,000 dong or US$2.50-$3 (July 2013) or US$25 for a private case. It’s often possible to bargain down to a lower price, depending on demand. The ride is about an hour of beautiful views (if the weather is good, it may be an hour of fog at other times) more than 1000 meters up into the mountains.

You may want to book a return ticket when you buy your outward journey, as picking up tickets in Lao Cai is harder than in Hanoi. Ticket counter at the train station is open 8 to 10 am and from 2 pm. The staff do not speak as much English, and they possibly only sell tickets for travel on the same day so sleepers may already be sold out unless you go first thing in the morning. Pay attention to the time of your return train. Trains leaving Lao Cai around 20h00 will arrive in Hanoi at around 5h00 early in the morning.

However, the train “always” late for 1-2 hours. So it’s better to have some instant noodle cup in your personal sack.If you go back to Hanoi by Sunday night, be prepared. The train is usally full. So, “some” company’s operator who guard the entrance of it company’s car may allow illegal people to board your car. They will sleep along the passage, in front of the restroom or else. For lonely lady traveller : be warned. Each sleeping car has room (cabin) which accomodates 4 or 6 people per cabin. The cabin heavy door has a lock “from inside”. When locked, the door reduces noise markedly. If you’re not sure, better ask for upper bunk. Eventhough less comfort than the lower, it gives you more secure on top of your personal defensive gear. Plus, there’s less smell from the feet of the your cabin’s partner(s).

Train timetable:

Hanoi- Lao Cai

  • SP1 leaves Hanoi station at 9:10 p.m. arrives in Lao Cai at 5:25 a.m.
  • SP3 leaves Hanoi station at 9:50 p.m. arrives in Lao Cai at 6:15 a.m.
  • SP5 leaves Hanoi station at 7:40 p.m. arrives in Lao Cai at 4:22 a.m.
  • SP7 leaves Hanoi station at 8:35 p.m. arrives in Lao Cai at 4:55 a.m.

Lao Cai- Hanoi

  • SP2 leaves Lao Cai station at 20:05 p.m. arrives in Hanoi at 4:35 a.m.
  • SP4 leaves Lao Cai station at 20:45 p.m. arrives in Hanoi at 5:10 a.m.
  • SP6 leaves Lao Cai station at 6:55 p.m. arrives in Hanoi at 3:40 a.m.
  • SP8 leaves Lao Cai station at 7:30 p.m. arrives in Hanoi at 4:05 a.m.

By bus

You can get on a Hanoi – Lao Cai Bus, and after that take a mini bus to Sapa from Lao Cai. There are too much bus companies running direct route to Sapa with a quick stop-over in Lao Cai. Their offers are quite fair with a big bus (35 seats) with beds, TV, air conditioner and a free water bottle. All buses depart from My Dinh bus station.

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Getting around Sapa

Muon kham pha Sapa cac ban co the thue xe may (Anh – Tariq Sawyer)

Tourists intending to trek to the various villages through the paddy fields should be prepared with good trekking shoes or rubber boots, a walking stick and extra clothing kept in a waterproof bag. Depending on the season, the rice fields, which are build in terraces, can be very muddy and slippery. If one does not wear shoes which enables a good grip in mud, one is likely to keep slipping and falling or even sliding down the slopes! As the paths are also taken by water buffalos, excrement can be found everywhere. Walking sticks can be bought from children from the ethnic minority groups at about 5,000 dong. These enterprising children cut sturdy bamboo and sharpen one end to turn them into sturdy sticks.
For the less adventurous, some of the villages, such as Lao Chai Village, is accessible via jeep, motorcycle and van.

Renting motorcycle (MC) in Sapa is real challenge. The operator (18-20 yrs old boy) wants your passport as the gaurantee, or $250 deposit. However, be careful about handing out your passport.

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Price of renting is around $4 – $7 depend on gear/automatic, engine size, new/old model. One day rental time is from morning until evening of the same day. You must return MC around 6 pm, though 7pm can be agreed in advance. Sapa is the mountain town. So the sun comes down pretty fast. When the sun goes below the mountain line, the temperature drops pretty fast, as well as light. So if you take MC, better go as-far-as-possible places, then bike-back-and-stop-for-sightseeing tempo.

Don’t rely on your expertise of MC control. Use common sense and drive safe. Mountain Dirt is not delicious. Doctor is none. Emergency support is none. And if accident occurs while you’re in nowhere, no one’ll know where you’re. Drive slowly. Downhill at 15-20 km/hr is the safest bet. Horning every corner.

Hotels and Motels in Sapa

Co rat nhieu khach san va nha nghi o Sapa (Anh – Trung Rom)

Trong thoi gian di du lich thuong co 2 xu huong, mot la phai chon khach san dep, sach se, thoai mai, chat luong tot, hai la chi can mot noi de nghi chan boi ca ngay rong ruoi di choi roi thi can gi khach san dep qua. O Sapa, voi hang tram khach san nha nghi tu gia ca binh dan cho den resort 5sao deu co the thoa man va dap ung 2 nhom tieu chi phia tren. Neu di phuot ban nen chon nhung khach san binh dan gia khoang 200-300k cho phong 2-3 nguoi, neu xac dinh di nghi duong ban nen chon nhung khach san nha nghi co chat luong cao hon hoac neu co dieu kien thi nen chon han nhung khu nghi duong cao cap (resort).

Luon nho dat phong truoc khi di vao mua cao diem (Anh – bambooland)

Vao cac mua cao diem, viec dat phong khach san gan nhu rat kho khan boi so luong du khach do ve day la vo cung lon, luc do cac khach san thuong khong giu cho cho ban qua dien thoai duoc, mot cach hay co the ap dung vao mua nay la dat phong khach san qua he thong Agoda, day la mot trong nhung website dat phong online uy tin va chat luong kha tot, dat qua day cac ban se khong bi tinh trang khach san ep gia sau khi len den Sapa boi tat ca ban da thanh toan truc tuyen xong xuoi roi.  Xem toan bo danh sach cac khach san, nha nghi tai Sapa.

Top 10 khach san tot nhat o Sapa

Cac ban chu y day la gia phong tham khao ap dung cho ngay cuoi tuan (tu thu 6 den chu nhat), gia ca thuc te se phu thuoc vao thoi gian ban toi va tham chi con re hon kha nhieu so voi gia nay.

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa
Dia chi : Duong Xuan Vien, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 3.000.000 VND den 4.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Rooms Boutique Hotel
Dia chi : 18 duong Phan Xi Pang, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 1.000.000 VND den 3.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Paradise Hotel
Dia chi : 14 Thach Son, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 1.000.000 VND den 1.500.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Hmong Sapa Hotel
Dia chi : 10 duong Thac Bac, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 1.000.000 VND den 2.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Luxury Hotel
Dia chi : 36 Phan Xi Pang, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 500.000 VND den 1.500.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Eden Hotel
Dia chi : 60 Phan Xi Pang, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 500.000 VND den 1.500.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Elegance Hotel
Dia chi : So 3 duong Hoang Dieu, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 500.000 VND den 1.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Thai Binh Sapa Hotel
Dia chi : Ham Rong, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 700.000 VND
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Hoang Ha Sapa Hotel
Dia chi : So 8B duong Thac Bac, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 300.000 VND den 1.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Elysian Sapa Hotel
Dia chi : 38 Cau May, Sapa
Gia ca dao dong trong khoang tu 300.000 VND den 1.000.000 VND 1 dem
Xem them hinh anh ve khach san TAI DAY

Sapa Attractions

Ban se danh bao lau de kham pha Sapa (Anh – Emad Aljumah)

Sapa is an incredibly picturesque place that lies in the mountain area near the China’s border in North West of Vietnam. Sapa is famous for its pristine environment, unparalleled scenery and cool climate. Sapa is home to more than 30 Vietnamese hill ethnic minorities and also home to Indochina’s highest peak, the 3.143 meters Mount Fansipan. It is rich with natural sites such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave. You get to see views of steeply terraced rice fields, towering verdant ridgelines, primitive mud-thatched villages, raging rivers and astounding waterfalls.

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Cau May

Cau May nam cach trung tam thi tran Sapa khoang 17km (Anh – Hai Che)

Cau May duoc lam bang May va Song (cac loai cay leo trong rung) cach thi tran Sa Pa khoang 17 km ve phia Dong Nam, tu duong lon, du khach di theo con duong moi mo tuy hoi doc va cua nhieu, nhung duong den Ta Van gio da duoc mo rong rat thuan tien.

Thac Bac

Thac Bac co do cao gan 2000m (Anh – SQ Mah)

Thac Bac co do cao hon 200m la thuong nguon cua dong suoi Muong Hoa voi do cao 1.800 m nam duoi chan deo O Quy Ho. Dung tren dinh nui Ham Rong o trung tam thi tran Sa Pa co the nhin thay thac Bac trang xoa vao nhung hom troi quang va day cung duoc coi la nguon goc ten goi cua thac. Tu tren khe nui cao, dong nuoc am am do xuong, bot tung trang xoa nhu nhung doa hoa vi vay duoc nguoi dan goi la thac Bac.

Ban Cat Cat

Nha Trinh Tuong ban Cat Cat (Anh – break_away)

Ban Cat Cat hay thon Cat Cat la mot lang dan toc Mong nam cach thi tran Sa Pa (tinh Lao Cai, Viet Nam) 2 km. Day la diem tham quan hap dan cua du lich Sa Pa noi rieng va Lao Cai noi chung. Lang Cat Cat duoc hinh thanh tu giua the ky 19 do mot bo phan dan toc it nguoi quan tu theo phuong phap mat tap (dua vao suon nui va quay quan ben nhau, cac noc nha cach nhau chung vai chuc met va sinh song, trong trot canh tac ngay tren nhung suon doi quan cu). Gan noi quan cu, ho con trong lua, ngo tren cac nuong bac thang hoan toan theo phuong phap thu cong. Ho biet trong trot, chan nuoi, va bao luu kha tot nhieu nghe thu cong truyen thong nhu trong bong, lanh va det vai. Noi day xung dang duoc xem la diem du lich van hoa vua la du lich sinh thai ly thu danh cho du khach va la diem du lich van hoa cong dong ve tinh cua Sa Pa.

Cong troi

Tu tren cong troi dinh O Quy Ho (Anh – Xversion1)

Nam o bien gioi cua huyen Sa Pa giap voi Lai Chau, co tam nhin tuyet dep len Fansipan va nhin xuong thung lung O Quy Ho, duoi sau la con duong doc dao di sang Binh Lu.

Thung lungMuong Hoa

Toan canh thung lung Muong Hoa (Anh – koenigtiger06)

Thung lung dai rong va dep nhat Sa Pa voi cac ban lang tru phu, cac tham ruong bac thang trai doc theo con suoi Muong Hoa.

Bai da co

Mot trong nhieu phien da co o Sapa (Anh – Eric Lafforgue)

Hang tram tang da sa thach co khac nhung hinh ve, nhung ky tu ky la ma hien nay van chua xac dinh duoc nguon goc va y nghia. Cung voi khu bai da co nay, cac cuoc khai quat gan day da chung minh duoc rang con nguoi da sinh song o vung dat Sa Pa tu rat nhieu the ky truoc.

Nha tho da Sapa

Anh – HuyNguyen84

Duoc xay dung vao nam 1935 do cha co Ramond quyen gop. Nam 1945 bi Phap nem bom. chi rieng ngon thap chuong la con dung vung. San truoc nha tho la noi dong bao dan toc thuong mua ban trao doi, tro chuyen va nghi ngoi.

Tu vien bo hoang

Tu vien co Ta Phin (Anh – josiah leung)

La nha tu nu nhung da bi bo hoang tu khi chua xay xong. Sap toi tu vien nay cung voi nhung canh dong xanh tuoi xung quanh se nam trong mot khu du lich moi o Sa Pa. Noi day co loai reu do dac huu chi co o Sa Pa.

Nui Ham Rong

Nui Ham Rong nhin tu xa (Anh – dscans)

Dai nui thap ben lung thi tran Sa Pa co hinh mieng rong. Chi can 15 phut la leo toi dinh nui, co cac vuon dao co thu, vuon phong lan, co khu vuon cua hang ngan thap da ky la vuon cao nhu nhung canh rung goi la Thach lam. Tu day nhin xuong thi tran Sa Pa va toan bo khung canh bao la hung vi cua Hoang Lien Son.

Dong Ta Phin

Ben trong dong (Anh – Son Tran Hoang)

Chiec hang rong va bi hiem nhat o Sa Pa nam ngay sat ban Ta Phin cua dan toc Dao, noi co nghe theu quan ao tho cam tuyet dep, co cac canh rung thong xanh mat phu kin nhung suon nui bao la.

Lang tho cam Ta Phin

Phu nu Dao tai Ta Phin voi nghe det tho cam (Anh – dovietcuong81)

Lang tho cam Ta Phin nam cach trung tam thi tran Sa Pa khoang 17km ve huong Dong. Noi day co canh quan thien nhien tuoi dep, nhung net van hoa dam da ban sac dan toc va dac biet con hap dan khach du lich boi lang nghe tho cam noi tieng.

An gi khi den Sapa

Ca Hoi duoc nuoi o nhung vung khi hau mat me nhu Sapa, Mu Cang Chai …(Anh – thuydung_ccic)

Trong rat nhieu an tuong ma du khach khi roi xa thi tran xinh dep trong may khong the quen – do la ca Hoi nuong, thit lon cap nach quay, thit lon hun khoi, nam huong tuoi xao thit… va dac biet la cac mon an duoc che bien tu rau xanh la nhung mon an ma bat ki du khach nao khi dat chan den manh dat nay mot lan thuong thuc cung phai tram tro than phuc vi huong vi tuoi nguyen, thom ngot rieng cua moi loai.

Xem them bai viet : Cac mon an ngon o Sapa

Thuong thuc do nuong trong cai tiet troi se lanh cua Sapa (Anh –

Trong rat nhieu cai thu duoc nham nhi, huong thu am thuc cua du khach trong nhung ngay du lich dai ngay tai day, thi do nuong Sapa dang tro thanh mot “thuong hieu” rat rieng biet, khong the lan voi cac dia phuong khac. Nhieu khach du lich noi rang “Neu den Sapa ma khong thuong thuc do nuong thi qua that chua thuc su kham pha duoc het su doc dao, phong phu va thi vi cua van hoa am thuc Sapa”. Khong phai chi o Sapa moi co cac mon do nuong, the nhung co le do su uu dai cua khi hau trong treo mat lanh va tho mong cua dat troi tu nhien, do nuong Sapa luon mang den cho nguoi thuong thuc mot huong vi het suc rieng biet, khong co bat cu o mot dia phuong nao. Duong nhu o noi dat troi va nui rung deu voi voi cao nay, moi mon do nuong dau dan da, binh thuong cung tham thau duoc tinh hoa cua dat troi, khien nguoi thuong thuc phai tram tro, xuyt xoa ve huong vi thom ngot ngon, thom bui rieng biet cua tung mon.

Cac le hoi dac sac cua cac dan toc tai Sapa

Le hoi nguoi Mong o Sapa (Anh – darren wilch)

Voi 6 dan toc anh em sinh song cung nhau, moi nam o Sapa co hang chuc le hoi cua dong bao cac dan toc H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho (Phu La). Moi le hoi lai co nhung net van hoa dac trung rieng day mau sac, neu may man den Sapa vao dung cac thoi diem cac le hoi nay duoc to chuc ban co the bot chut thoi gian ghe tham de hieu them ve cuoc song cung nhu phong tuc cua nguoi dan noi day

Xem them bai viet : Cac le hoi dac sac tai Sapa

Mot so lich trinh tham quan Sapa cho ban

Neu say xe ban co the chon di tau, tuy nhien thoi gian se lau hon so voi o to (Anh – O.Connell.)

Lich trinh 2 ngay 3 dem (2 dem tren tau/o to va 1 dem o Sapa)

Ngay 1 : Ha Noi – Lao Cai – Sapa
– Sang som bat xe buyt tu Lao Cai – Sapa, nhan phong som de cat do
– Chuan bi mot so do an nhe roi leo nui Ham Rong. Tu day co the ngam toan canh Thi tran Sapa va nhin len dinh Fansipan
– Trua xuong an trua tai trung tam thi tran
– Chieu thue xe may di tham thung lung Muong Hoa, bai da co Sapa, Cau May, ban Giang Ta Chai, ban Ta Van
– Toi dao choi cho dem Sapa va thuong thuc dac san do nuong

Ngay 2 : Sapa – O Quy Ho – Sapa – Lao Cai – Ha Noi
– Sang day som, thue xe may di tham Thac Bac, Thac Tinh Yeu. Di xe may len dinh deo O Quy Ho, mot trong Tu Dai Dinh Deo cua dan phuot mien Bac noi giua 2 tinh Lao Cai va Lai Chau
– Co the mang theo do an tu truoc de nghi an o bat ky diem nao
– Chieu tham quan ban Cat Cat, thac Cat Cat
– Tra xe may, tam la thuoc nguoi Dao
– 4h30 pm bat xe buyt tro lai Tp Lao Cai de len tau hoac o to tro ve Ha Noi

Lich trinh 3 ngay 4 dem

Ngay 1 : Lao Cai – Sapa
– Sang som bat xe buyt tu Lao Cai – Sapa, nhan phong som de cat do
– Di dao xung quanh Thi tran, tham cho Sapa
– An trua
– Chieu di bo tu Thi tran xuong ban Cat Cat, kham pha van hoa cua nguoi dan noi day
– Toi thuong thuc do nuong.

Ngay 2 : Sapa – O Quy Ho – Sapa
– Thue xe may di tham Thac Bac, Thac Tinh Yeu. Di xe may len dinh deo O Quy Ho, mot trong Tu Dai Dinh Deo cua dan phuot mien Bac noi giua 2 tinh Lao Cai va Lai Chau.
– An trua tren duong
– Chieu ve di tham thung lung Muong Hoa, Cau May, bai da co Sapa, ban Ta Van, ban Giang Ta Chai
– Toi di dao quanh thi tran

Ngay 3 : Sapa – Lao Cai – Ha Noi
– Thue xe may di tham ban Ta Phin, tuyen du lich cong dong duoc yeu thich
– Tham tu vien co Ta Phin
– Chieu ve tra xe may, tam la thuoc nguoi Dao
– 4h30 pm bat xe buyt tro lai Tp Lao Cai de len tau hoac o to tro ve Ha Noi

Mot so dieu kieng ki cua dong bao cac dan toc o Sapa

(Anh – FridayStudio)

Moi lang dong bao cac dan toc o Lao Cai deu co khu rung cam, tho the luc sieu nhien. Noi tho cung co the o goc cay to, hon da lon o trong rung. Rung cam la khu rung chung cua ca lang . Moi nguoi tu nguyen bao ve rung , khong ai duoc tu tien chat pha, phong ue, trai gai khong duoc phep den noi do tam tinh.

Khi vao tham nha

Truoc khi vao tham nha dong bao cac dan toc, du khach can quan sat ky, neu thay o truoc cua nha, o dau cau thang cam hoac treo mot canh la xanh, mot canh gai hoac cam mot tam phen dan hinh mat cao… Do la nhung dau hieu kieng cam, gia dinh khong muon nguoi la vao nha.

Nha nguoi Ha Nhi Den co hai lop cua, khach xa toi chi nen vao cua thu nhat. Neu muon vao cua thu hai thi phai duoc gia dinh chu dong y. Trang tri noi tho to tien moi dan toc co khac nhau, nhung deu chung mot quan niem: Noi tho to tien la chon linh thieng nhat. Khach khong duoc dat mu, non, tu trang va do dung khac o noi do, khong duoc so tay len cac do tho cung. Khi ngoi khong duoc quay lung vao noi tho.

Khi dun nau dong bao Giay dat quai ninh, chao, noi len bep khong duoc de hai quai noi , chao theo huong cay xa ngang (vi do la huong nam cua nguoi chet) ma phai dat theo huong don noc nha. O vung dong bao Mong, Dao, … khi dua cui vao bep, khong dua ngon vao truoc, vi quan nien so con gai gia chu sau nay se sinh nguoc. Khi ngoi gan bep, du khach khong quay lung va giam chan vao bep. Trong ngoi nha dong bao cac dan toc cua va cay cot chinh cung la vi tri linh thieng tho than cua, than cot cai. Vi vay khong nen ngoi bau cua hoac treo mu non va tua lung vao cot cai. O vung nguoi Thai, Tay, Khang, La Ha, Phu La kieng khong dem la xanh, canh cay xanh, rau xanh vao cua chinh.

Dong bao kieng khong huyt sao o trong nha, vi no la tin hieu goi ma ta, bao giong.

Khi den ban lang

Hang nam cac nghi le chung cung than lang, xua duoi ma ac cua dong bao Tay, Thai, Giay, Lao, Bo y, Xa Pho… thuong duoc to chuc vao thang 2 hoac thang 6 , thang 7 am lich. Khi cung dong bao dat cac dau hieu kieng ky cam nguoi la vao lang nhu buoc chum la xanh o cot cao tren duong vao lang hoac dan phen mat cao, buoc vao do xuong ham lon, trau, bo. Ca lang khong ai di lam, khong cho nguoi la vao lang. Neu nguoi la vo tinh gong ganh, doi non, che o, deo gui, ba lo… vao lang se bi phat bang cach nop du so le vat de lam lai le cung lang. Truong hop co viec khan cap , muon vao lang ngay, khach la phai bo mu, ba lo, gong ganh… tat ca do dac deu phai xach tay. Nhu vay moi mong duoc giam hoac mien phat.

Giao tiep sinh hoat

Khi den nha, di duong, khach can chu dong chao hoi bang thai do chan thanh, nu cuoi that tha se xoa di mac cam bat dong ngon ngu. Khi chia tay co the bat tay, khong can noi loi tam biet, hen gap lai nhung luon no nu cuoi. Khong xoa tay len dau tre em nguoi Mong, Dao, vi theo quan nien cua ho, hon nguoi tru ngu o dau, nguoi la so vao, hon hoang so bo tron ,lam cho tre hay bi om dau.

Khi an uong

Moi dan toc co quan nien khac nhau ve vi tri cho ngoi , vi vay can luu y khong ngoi vao mot so vi tri dac biet nhu: o vung nguoi Giay, Dao phia day ghe o gan ban tho danh rieng cho nguoi cao tuoi nhat, khach quy nhat. Dong bao Mong khi bo me mat, vi tri dau ban (gan ban tho) luon bo trong voi y niem noi do gianh cho hon bo me. Nguoi Thai, Tay, Muong noi giap cua so gia chu dat hai chen con co y gianh cho to tien ve tiep khach, khach khong ngoi o vi tri do.

Truoc khi an uong can kien tri nghe gia chu tien hanh cac nghi le moi to tien, chuc tung cac dieu tot lanh. Khach khong rot ruou truoc, khong gap thuc an truoc, khi dung xong tuyet doi khong up chen, up bat xuong mam.

Khi ngu

Moi can nha cua dong bao dan toc o Lao Cai deu co cho ngu danh rieng cho khach, nen can tuan theo su bo tri cua gia chu, khong nam de chan ve phia ban tho. o mot so vung nguoi Mong, Dao,Thai, La Ha, Khang kieng khong mac man mau trang trong nha.

Mot so luu y truoc va trong khi du lich Sapa

Anh – Gary McGovern
  • Mot so vat dung ca nhan can thiet ban nen mang theo khi di du lich Sapa : mot chiec ao gio va mot khan quang co mong (boi thoi tiet Sapa du co vao mua he cung van hoi se lanh), mu hoac o de che mua nho hoac che suong, mot chiec den pin nho de su dung buoi toi hoac nhung khi vao hang. Cac ban co the tham khao bai viet Mang gi khi di phuot
  • Mang theo nhieu hon 1 loai giay to tuy than (chung minh thu, ho chieu hoac mang them 1 ban photo cong chung) va bang lai xe neu ban muon thue xe may di kham pha Sapa boi ban se can 1 ban dat cho ben thue xe, 1 ban dat o khach san.
  • Dat phong khach san online truoc neu co y dinh di vao mua cao diem, loi the cua viec nay la ban co the dat truoc trong mot khoang thoi gian dai co the la ca thang, tranh viec sat ngay di nhung khong the dat hoac phai dat phong voi gia cao.
  • Tuong tu voi viec dat khach san ban cung nen dat ve tau hoac ve xe khach di Sapa som de tranh bi het ve, doi voi ve tau nen mua o ga Tran Quy Cap hoac mua thong qua cac cong ty du lich, doi voi ve xe khach thi nen dat truoc khoang 1 ngay voi ngay thuong va 10 ngay voi cac dip le
  • O Sapa tinh trang cheo kheo khach du lich mua do da phan nao lam xau di hinh anh cua Sapa trong mat du khach, neu ban khong co y dinh mua qua luu niem thi nen dut khoat ngay tu lan dau tien, dung xem roi khong mua boi luc do nguoi dan se deo bam rat lau co the gay cam giac kho chiu. Khi vao ban khong cho tien tre em cho du chung no leo deo theo ban ca km.

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