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Cung Phuot- Thung Nai (a commune in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province) is a wonderful travel destination in summer for the nice weather. Thung Nai locates in Da River reservoir, which is far about 100 km from Hanoi. The way to Thung Nai with beautiful sceneries is along Da River about 10 km in direction to Binh Than harbor. This is also one of the tourist destinations near Hanoi in which the young could go with their families and friends at the weekend. Thung Nai is a good destination for relaxing with their families and friends, seeing amazing natural sceneries so as to release the stress in the daily busy life rather than frantic and crowded entertainment activities.

Thung Nai là một trong những điểm đến gần Hà Nội để đi vào dịp cuối tuần (Ảnh – Huy nq)

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Introduction about Thung Nai

Thung Nai với vẻ yên bình, rất hợp để nghỉ ngơi thư giãn sau 1 tuần làm việc căng thẳng (Ảnh – break_away)

Thung Nai used to be called Muong Thang, one of the rich hometowns of Muong ethnicity (including Muong Bi, Vang, Thang, Dong). According the residents, because there were many deers lived in this area, it was named Thung Nai. Thung Nai in Vietnamese means a valley of deers. When visiting Thung Nai, travelers currently explore plenty of floating rocky islands in Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir.

When should you travel Thung Nai?

Nên đi Thung Nai vào mùa hè để tận hưởng cảm giác mát mẻ nhé các bạn (Ảnh – Mjnh Nguyen)

You should go to Thung Nai in the summer, from May to August for enjoying in cool weather and staying away the hotness in the North. You could travel in other seasons but it is challenging to take off your clothe and jump into cool fresh water flow. Stargazing in the vast lake at night is an interesting experience. As a result, you should go on the day of the full moon if it is possible.

How to get to Thung Nai

Cảng du lịch Thung Nai (Ảnh – Vuonghome)

There is no public means of transportation to Thung Nai where is far about 20 km from Hoa Binh city. You can drive motorbike from Hanoi to Thung Nai (about 100km) or take a bus to Hoa Binh city then hire motorbike driver or catch a cab to Thung Nai. If you go by bus, you get off at a crossroad in Hoa Binh city (the foot of Cu slope on the side of Hoa Binh city, at the head of Tay Tien Street)

When arrive the boat pier, you should contact to your hostel owner or other boats to take you to islands.

Hotels and hostels in Thung Nai

Bạn có thể ở nhà nghỉ Cối Xay Gió hoặc nhà nghỉ Đảo Dừa (Ảnh – Gordon Le Hoang)

Thung Nai does not have hostels as much as in other tourist destinations. Two of the most preferred hostel including Coi Xay Gio Hostel (Windwill hostel) or Dao Dua Hostel (Coconut Island hostel)

Coi Xay Gio hostel
Telephone number: + 84 218 389 1537 / +84 913 591943

Mr Tuy (Dao Dua)
Telephone number: + 84 218 627 3189/ +84 166 886 2663

Travel cost to Thung Nai

Cuisine in Thung Nai

Rất nhiều món ngon đang chờ bạn ở Thung Nai (Ảnh – Linh Lynn)

Don’t forget enjoying plenty of delicious foods in Thung Nai including grilled Da River milkfish and mountainous cuisines such as steamed chicken with lemon, honey grilled Muong pork pretented on banana leaves, boiled bamboo, cultivation rice, fruit wine, wild vegetables, etc.

Muong pig

Lợn Mường thịt chắc và ăn giòn khi nướng (Ảnh – Vuong Thu Linh)

Muong pig – Hoa Binh ( Man pig) is a local species which always dig land with their mouths in search of food, gain around 25- 30 kg in maximize. The prominent features are not-big-size bone, pointed snout, short face, small ears, long body, skinny legs, especially hard long haired (the denser and harder fur is, the more delicious), 3 pores bunched into 1 hole. They are grazed and find food by themselves and grow gradually. Most their foods are fiber (90%) such as all of crops, vegetables and fruits which are available locally. Muong pork is very delicious.

Thung Nai jogging chicken

Gà nướng than hoa ở Thung Nai (Ảnh – Linh Lynn)

Most terrains are so mountainous that chickens reared in Thung Nai are genuine jogging ones. As a result, white meat is more chewy and fragrant than in city. In addition to chicken in main meals, you could ask more chicken for grilling or cooking soup in the evening.

Grilled Da River fish

Cá nướng Sông Đà (Ảnh – danghung83hn)

It is the fact that Da River is famous for plenty of fishes such as black carp, milkfish, etc. Grilled fish are specialties in Da River reservoir. Fish is often sold entire year but September and October is the harvest of milkfish and black carp. Consequently, there are more fresh fish sold in these months. Especially, there are many grilled fish restaurants at the foot of Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple. If you have time, you could sit around wood fires, grill as well as eat fish then drink a few cups of wine.

Where do you visit in Thung Nai?

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit tourist attraction in reservoir as Thung Nai locates in Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir. Some famous places such as Thac Bo cave, Ba Chua Thac Bo temple, Suoi Trach… are far about 20- 30 minutes on boats.

Thac Bo Cave

Động Thác Bờ mùa cạn nước (Ảnh – gartget)

Thac Bo cave in Bung village, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district locates over Ngoc wharf on the north Chua mountain side where is along with Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir. Not only in association with Bo temple relic worship Ba Chua who helped the King Le Loi win invaders but this cave is the refuge for traders going on Da River in storms and heavy rains. Thus Thac Bo cave attracts thousands of visitors.

In dry season, tourists often climb the 100 stone steps to the entrance from the foot of the mountain. In the other season, visitors go on boat to the floating house on a bamboo raft about 50m in length. From above of cave entrance, people could look the whole spectacular landscapes and enjoy the masterpiece of nature with mountainous sceneries and legendary beauty of caves.

Thac Bo cave is divided into 3 zones: space inside cave with the stone blocks, tourist area and the Buddhist church. The cave is pretty large with cool air. In the Buddhist church, people worship Buddha, Bodhisattvas, God ruling this region as well as Ho Chi Minh.

Thac Bo cave is divided into 3 zones: space inside cave with the stone blocks, tourist area and the Buddhist church. The cave is pretty large with cool air. In the Buddhist church, people worship Buddha, Bodhisattvas, God ruling this region as well as Ho Chi Minh.

Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple

Đền Bà Chúa Thác Bờ (Ảnh – viet nguyen)

Chua Thac Bo is nickname of Dinh Thi Van, a Muong patriarch’s daughter. In 1431, she gathered Muong ethnicity and other ethnic minorities in Hoa Binh for food donation and transport which helped the King Le Loi fight against invaders (Cat Han- Lai Chau)

VOn a day, food-loaded boats passing the Mieng cave were broken into many components by huge billows. Consequently, Mrs. Thac and other dead bodies went to the Thac Bo- Thung Nai – Hoa Binh. The residents living around here built a temple so as to commemorate her as a hero. The King Le Loi returned in victory then ordained her as Hoang Kim Mau Chua Muong Son Trang.

In 1979, the goverment dammed Hoa Binh hydropower plant and the Thac Bo temple was destroyed. Quach family called for crowded funding to build and move the temple to the current location.

Bờ Market

Chợ Bờ trên lòng hồ thủy điện (Ảnh – khanh luongvan)

The residents mainly exchange in Cho Bo. The market is only opened in the morning and closed early, around 8 am. Thac Bo floating market gathered near Thung Nai harbor on every Sunday. The market is a trade on boats from the whole lake. People would bring the fish harvested in the previous night. However, the market is not too much crowded and noisy.

Suoi Trach

Suối Trạch (Ảnh – AjdafatMacintosh)

Suoi Trach is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Thung Nai. It is considered as an ideal natural bath with cool fresh water.

Một số lưu ý

  • Make reservation about 1- 2 days before and confirm number of members for food preparation. If you want to cancel your reservation, you should announce 1- 2 days before because food is moved from the mainland.
  • There are regular speed test stations of transportation police in National Road No 6. You should reduce speech below 40 km/h in residential area.
  • Though Thung Nai is near Hanoi, it is unsafe to drive in evening. Moreover, you should go soon to stay in lake.
  • You should wear a lifejacket even though you are good swimmer when swimming. The safety is an ultimate priority.
  • Your night party in fire will be more interesting if you prepare a mini speaker, guitar and an instrument player


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