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Most images on the website are looking for sources on the Internet (via Google Image). Copyright of these images belong to the author of the photograph, kindly keep the information and links to the author’s website if you use the back of this image.

As you know, we allowed anyone can copy, modify the article content except images. However, there are many sites use the entire content (including images) without citing the source of the original article and remove the copyright information. Because of that, we would allow the authors used image has been resized to 800 pixels in size and insert one link on the image (other parts of the image such request to keep the original image). This was intended to help the reader identify the original article link, indirectly identify information about the author of the picture, because in every article we are presented with information about the author is right first. Because the images can be found via Google Image so we are unable to confirm all the information of the author to ask for permission to send mail should expect sympathy. Please leave us feedback if you have one of the following:

  • Do not agree to our use of your image.
  • No author’s name images in the article as well as the list below.
  • You want to insert the link into your name.

Thank you very much.

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Mèo GiàJosephine Huong GiangThanh X.TranQuỷ Cốc TửLe Tuan Anh
Hachi8Hoang MaiNemesisAnh HuyAfek
maquanBien NguyenLê BíchLam ThanhWarzauWynn
Sabishii OsakeZai NgoanFaith TtvnTrong BangNguyễn Ngọc Viên
khoitranGroup Cột mốc Biên giớiTVP SofttamnguNam Ngan
hiepd79break_awayPinneeTrần Tuấn Anhdragonfly_6868
nguyenthaodang Brian K Smith Adventurocit Chi Khanh Arnaud Foucard Son Yama
 hung_nt nhocdenthui dangphuonglan BIN51200 nxhaivn
 Aka Hai Thinh Hoang Giang Hai doanVien Gabeo
 OngBom Đỗ Ngọc Nam fredselspeus Andy Leong Anh Tú
 PJS HS wildflower Che Trung Hieu Philip Gray
 Hai Nguyen buratinovn Nova 224 Long Kurt Anh Dv
 Tuấn Canon Micheal Ruan levanthanhson Nguyễn Ngọc Viên Khoa Linh
 Kiem Trinh Earth_Walker Nguyeenx Thuyr Antoniblue Thanh Sơn HP
 Hoang Huyen Phuc Hung Quốc Thái Huu Nguien vietnguyen
 Kyo Golie’s Corner embebu Phong Trần QuocKt
 Nam Nguyen lele_dongbang Đạt Lê Đăng Định Hoan Kiem
 Ho Anh Vu youngman242 Yeu Nhiep Anh Đá Cuội nqkhaidl
 DiemTrinh2010 Ngon Blog Thiều Quang Tidus Fair OsaLam
 D.Dế TranHungLangThang Huyen Hoang Cát Cao
 soiphieudieu Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Tây Thiên QuyềnNhàn2003 Ồ Studio Manh Hung
 tinhsinh2104 Thắng Thân Thương phong2v Apu Photography NghiaSS
 Tuan Trung Sở VHTTDL Vĩnh Phúc Hoàng Lê Minh Elvis Nguyễn Vu Khanh
 Phan Hữu Lập Johannes Lundberg Nguyen Dinh Nguyen Quốc Lộ 1 Nghia Nguyen Duc